Zentool Cross-Cut Machine Discs

Zentool Cross-Cut Machine Discs are a low profile pad. The ultra-thin design improves transfer efficiency from your dual action machine down to the paint for improved cutting ability and faster removal of defects.

The Cross-Cut design increases surface area of the pad to also make your machine more efficient while keeping the pad cooler to extend durability. All Zentool pads are designed with a high quality heat resistant glue for use with long throw polishers such as the Zentool ZEN-21E2.

  1. 89mm pads with 75mm velcro for 75mm (3″) backing plates
  2. 140mm pads with 125mm velcro for 75mm (5″) backing plates
  3. 165mm pads with 150mm velcro for 75mm (6″) backing plates
  4. White coarse cutting foam
  5. Maroon medium grade polishing foam
  6. Yellow fine grade finishing foam

Zentool machines and products are available from global distributors and local retailers 

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