The new Zentool ZEN-15E2 is the perfect balance between cut and finish for automotive detailing

With an orbit (throw) of 15mm, most detailers agree that these specifications in a tool provide the best results and the best balance in a tool for paint correction and finishing to a high gloss.

  • Highly effecient 600W motor
  • 15mm Orbit
  • 125mm backing plate
  • 1 year warranty

The Zentool ZEN-15E2 is powered by a new, highly efficient 600W motor that produces the torque required to quickly remove defects to a high gloss paint while maintaining the lowest noise levels and smoothest action you will find on a dual action polisher!

The ZEN-15E2 is manufactured using only the highest quality parts including CNC machined counter weight system for precision weight and perfect balance and thick 4 metre power cable.

The backing plate features ventilated cooling channels to help reduce heat transfer and the machine also includes an easy access panel for services and replacing carbon brushes.

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